Marlene Galler


I'm Marlene, an energy healing specialist from Adelaide.

My passion has always been in helping people to discover who they are and how they can express the best version of themselves.

I have combined my extensive years of training and as a practitioner in bringing everyday solutions into my Soul mentoring sessions. Helping people to see what is hidden, to hear and know what is inside themselves and to feel the love that they are within.

With over 25 years of experience and learning many modalities, including Reiki, Isis Seichim, Cranial Sacral, Therapy, Touch For Health, Kinesiology, Inner Child, Brain Gym, Remedial Massage and Munay Ki Shamanic Healing.

My journey of self discovery ranging from the physical body, energetic therapies and spiritual healing has been extensive and in depth.

I have attained my Masters in Reiki and Isis Seichim and incorporated these into my daily life discipline. Over the past few years I have continued my journey into teaching. With my TAA Cert lV in teacher training, my years of experience as a practitioner has enabled me to create courses for everyone, so they are able to learn how to maintain everyday energy practices for a balanced mind, body, soul.

Meditation is another passion that I have embraced and has regular sessions of sound and guided meditations which are held at the Crystal Wave at Grange, South Australia. This has also given me the opportunity to create my fist CD with the Crystal Lyre and has revealed a new insight into sound healing.

My Core Values


Simple acts of kindness and kindness as a rule is acknowledging one soul to another. I hear you and I am here for you.


To live a life of compassion is to understand where one is in their journey of this life and give permission to be ok with love and support for the tough times.


Being true to oneself is a reflection of the soul. Bringing my best to the for enables my life to be open and transparent.


Honesty comes from the word honour. To honour oneself is the highest gift one can give to self. It comes from a place within of knowing, trusting and honouring ones journey for souls growth.

What I Believe

Marlene Galler
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Isis Seichim
Reiki 1 & 2

I am here to assist you where needed in your journey and also the cycles of life. Let's start the journey!

How Can I help you?

Meditation & Events

Join us for a Guided Group Meditation, Group Sound Meditation or Reiki Tuition Workshops.

Soul Mentoring

Soul Mentoring is a customised and unique journey on where you want to go in your life bringing awareness to your journey.

Spiritual / Energy Healing

Allow me to support you in healing through beautiful Reiki, Seichim, Spiritual Healing and Remedial Massage.

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